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Aurélie Antolini “Les Demoiselles de Paris mettent les points sur les I” (Paris girls dot their I’s)

Capture d’écran 2013-05-25 à 16.51.53Spiritual, sharp and witty. Living off their love of life (and also of chocolate cake) the inner most musings of the Parisian woman are shared for the first time in Aurélie Antolini’s latest short literary work.

The book was inspired by the website lesdemoisellesdeparis.com. On this unique blog, supported by some 20,000 followers, women share everyday experiences and reflexions on living in France’s capital city. It is a light hearted, touching and humorous site, it’s sentiment being perfectly mirrored in Aurélie Antolini’s latest release.

Expect the humour of the book to be dry, with E- cards reading “If you have to call on spell check every three words it’s time to read a book” and “If the chances of a pigeon pooping on you is more likely than a waiter saying hello, you’re in Paris” One can be promised a hilariously refreshing read.

Despite a girly appearance, the website also attracts a lot of comments and interest from male fans – perhaps they think it might help them understand the fascinating complexity of the female mind? While it may not hold the key to this puzzle, the book is undoubtedly one all relate to; a must read for those in search of spirited reassurance that they are not alone in their blunders and bothers tackling city life.