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Albert Ménès luxury mustards

Mustard. The classic condiment for so many of our favouritemeals. However its popularity has also lead to a slip in quality. We have become too accustomed to generic commercialised brands, and the product has come to be seen as commonplace as it’s neighbours mayonnaise and ketchup.

We have forgotten what real mustard tastes like, proper mustard. However, coming to our rescue is mustard master Albert Ménès. The quality of the brand’s product derives from years and generations of dedication, to a delicate and timely crushing process and to the high quality raw ingredients.

The mustards are all fine and delicate, and are said to achieve a harmonious equilibrium between spiciness and flavour.

Albert Ménès creates something truly spectacular in comparison to the usual supermarket brands- Among their most creative flavours are: ‘Mustard with green Madagascan pepper’, ‘Mustard with pink peppercorns’ and ‘Walnut mustard’.

It comes as a pleasant surprise that these mustards aren’t actually too pricey. Retailing at around €3/ £2.54 they allow everyone and anyone to enjoy a bit of luxury! Beautifully presented they also make a lovely gift, perhaps as part of a food hamper.

Buy online at  http://www.albertmenes.fr