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Colour and Culture: 40 Years of Cosmetics à La Carte

IMG_6372 copyOn Tuesday night, Cosmetics à La Carte celebrated their 40th Anniversary with the Colour and Culture exhibition, held at the Gallery Redchurch St in East London.

Lynne Sanders and Christina Stewart launched Cosmetics à La Carte in 1973 with a clear message, “Find your look and be fabulous”. They offered women the chance to try products, in private, before buying – which was unheard of at the time – as well as advice on colours and styles to suit their personalities.
40 years on and the same philosophy applies, with bespoke services offering personalised products, creating the exact colour you have in mind if you cannot find it in the quite extensive ready to wear collection, whether it be lipstick, gloss, powder or shadow. The formulation is then kept on record so it can be recreated for you any time. The same service applies to custom skin base.

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Colour and Culture is a vibrant homage to this innovative brand that has worked with the most prestigious publications in the fashion industry such as Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle, as well as the trend led ones including Volt, Twenty6 and Tirade to name a few.

Curated by beauty and Fashion Curator Ryan Lanji, the exhibition takes the viewer through the brand’s impressive history and unveils a fresh take on product knowledge, demonstration, and experimentation. It includes the first nude lipstick ordered by Princess Diana in the 1980’s, as well as the bubblegum gloss and flush blush which Lady Gaga raved about.

Laurie Guillem

Cosmetics à La Carte – 19b Motcomb Street, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 8LB