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‘Lovemate’ by Mademoiselle Ema

Ema’s story started in Cannes, where at the age of 22 she opened her first boutique of major designers. Already a pioneer of trends, she joined the label ‘Reminiscence’ as a stylist, and put together their line of accessories and swimwear.

A traveller at heart, Ema takes her creation from the beauty of the different islands she has visited; the beaches of Ibiza, of St. Baths and Bali.

‘Lovemate’- Ema’s own shoe label has a distinctly hippie, earthy and tribal feel. It comes at a perfect time to get us ready for the beach this summer! Each piece is hand made and thus original, requiring hours of careful work and attention.


Pairs retail on average at around €300 and can be found online at:  http://mademoiselle-ema.com/boutique/fr/