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WEILL Autumn/Winter Lookbook 2013

Established in 1892, Weill- Paris’ oldest fashion house- has allowed us a sneak peak of its upcoming Autumn/Winter collection 2013.

The collection features striking animal print pieces. Garments using this timeless pattern add a bold and sexy element to any outfit. Weill models their large leopard print pieces teamed with neutral colours to create a smart and sophisticated, yet also young and on trend look. A particularly stunning collaboration is seen with the loose fitting leopard suit trousers and oversized beige coat.

weill1There is a smart, office-wear vibe permeating through the collection; tailored loose fitting trousers are a staple in many outfits showcased. These are collaborated with collared jackets or coats, and always a pair of pointed toe low heels.

One could interpret an androgynous theme running through the look-book, all items are loose fitting and boldly cut. Most items are plain, if not their patterns are sharp and geometric emitting a confident persona as well as an absence of girly embellishments.weill2

As with the leopard print trousers, most outfits are centred around a statement. Whether it be a colour or a detail such as a belt buckle or the leather trim of a gorgeous blazer-style coat.

The collection is unquestionably sleek and cool. It oozes confidence and encourages boldness through an embracement of masculine cuts.