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Fondation Cartier’s spaces welcome to Ron Mueck’s solo exhibition.

Couple under an umbrella

Simply titled “Couple under an umbrella”, located at the centre of the room, it seems to open the space of exhibition.

Open until 29 September 2013, at Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporaine, the striking pieces of Ron Mueck, the hyperrealist artist, attracting many visitors from all the world, as a groupe of Australian tourist in holidays who get a pit-stop to see the famous sculpture of their countryman artist.

Based in London, Ron Mueck’s works consist of meticulously detailed human figures, with surprising elements of scale, to destabilise his audience by exhibiting from the roots of the hair to  folds in the skin and to evoke the different stages of life from birth to death, and from adolescence to old age. Meanwhile Couple under an umbrella depicts an elderly couple on the beach, Young Couple, shows a teenage pair in a tense embrace with a downcast expression  and Woman With Shopping captures a mother carrying her baby and groceries (a banal yet poignant image inspired by a scene Mueck saw on the street).

After 8 years, Paris is set to host Ron Mueck’s first major European exhibition since 2005 and in tandem with the exhibition, the Fondation Cartier has commissioned a 50 minute film “Still Life: Ron Mueck at Work” is an intimate portrait of the artist by the London-based French photographer Gautier Deblonde. « Above all, it’s a film about time » explains Deblonde, who visited Mueck’s usually impenetrable north London studio nearly every day for 18 months. « The most striking, perhaps the most fascinating thing when you watch this artist at work is the repetition and concentration that are involved in what he does. He may spend several days reproducing the same movement: nothing else exists, only his movement, his clay, his resin or his paint. »

Sara Mazzotta