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London Collections: Men SS14 – CP Company

C.P. Company welcomed guests with a small garden party over refreshing orange cocktails and artisans ice-cream – and since the weather was not so bad that day, it really gave this cheering feeling that summer was right here in Covent Garden. However, the presentation it self took place in a completely different atmosphere, quite techy and almost spacial. Guests were invited to walk through a dark tunnel with flashing images of garments from the collection, before arriving into a more than austere room where the collection was on display.

The garments perfectly reflected C.P. Company’s philosophy, Function and Use, with sporty jackets made from lightweight fabric hanging from the ceiling. All jackets included transparent black disks, and sometimes built-in goggles, adding an futuristic/arty touch to this otherwise very functional collection.

C.P. Company have always shown a deep interest in military clothing and work suits, as well as, more recently, in the evolution of urban street wear. This collection was an inspiring combination of utility, through the use of feather light fabric and the different features directly built in the jackets, and unique style with details such as the dark disks, delicate prints and bold colours – the bright yellow garments were absolutely stunning.

As other guests started to enter the tunnel, it was then time to leave the spaceship and go back into the daylight!

Laurie Guillem

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