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The Cocktail Bible According to Simon Difford

The Cocktail Bible According to Simon Difford

In the world of cocktails every barman has his own way of doing things and an old book of magic spells in which he inscribes his recipes with great care. Ordinary mortals, finding themselves in the cocktail jungle, sometimes find it difficult confronted with so many varieties and, on occasion, secrets closely-guarded. That’s without taking into account Simon Difford who has produced a book that has become a reference work having sold more than 250,000 copies. Sold for a long time exclusively in the Unites States and Great Britain, it has just been translated so that the French can enjoy it too.

This magnificent collection, which you should get hold of as a matter of urgency, brings together more than 3,000 recipes and also the history of cocktails.

From classic compositions such as Vodka Martini or Margarita to the latest trends like Mojito or Cosmopolitan or the less well known Prestige Cocktail or Millionaire, Difford’s Cocktail Bible is the most complete work ever published in this field. In his book Simon Difford reveals secrets and tricks for excelling in the art of concocting the most varied cocktails and gives us the chance to discover all the combinations possible using 14 key ingredients. The bible offers the most extensive choice of blends to be made according to individual taste while being enjoyed in moderation!

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