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A night with Apostrophe and Château Grand Ormeau

Last week, Apostrophe, a famous women clothing brand held an spacial evening dedicating to Françoise Beton, CEO of Château Grand Ormeau. Apostrophe, organized in the shop on 17-19 Avenue Montaigne an unforgettable evening dedicated to Françoise Beton, from the passions and the journey from orange to grape, Orangina Château Grand Ormeau.

The tone of the evening was given the guests a wander in this house of fashion and refinement, in a setting that revisited to Orangina colors and Château Grand Ormeau. With a welcoming of Françoise Beton and Michèle Humier, (The Director Boutique Apostrophe.) 

A guests can also discover numerous models from the latest collection of Apostrophe brand, while tasting the wine from 3 of the remarkable red wines; Chevalier d’Haurange, Château Grand Ormeau and Cuvée Madeleine. During this evening, Françoise Beton traced the fabulous history of Orangina, and rendered a beautiful tribute to Jean -Claude Beton, The founder of the famous drink.

In a chic and friendly atmosphere, there were politicians, fashionistas, artists, and bloggers. Among those, we noted the presence of Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, accompanied by Pierre Schapira, Paris councilor and Deputy Mayor of Paris, Mr. and Mrs. Hazan, creators Apostrophe, their son, Patrick Hazan, which now directs and supervises the style of the house, Madeleine Beton, mother of Françoise Beton, Mary -Anne Chazel, journalist on LCI and Gilles Ouaki, renowned artist.