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A limited edition for mens from KEN OKADA Paris

Paris May 2014, Ken Okada brand brought many worlds together, from fashion, art, to music, and created a combination of these universes then brought into Ken Okada’s Mod’Art world. The exhibit was held at Ken Okada concept store at rue de la chaise in the 7th district of Paris.

Ken Okada’s very first male collection has only 20 limited edition of the shirts which combine fashion, music, and street art together. In this collection, Ken Okada has a collaboration with Peter Von Poehl, a singer, and an graffiti artist, and a painter. This collection of shirts is called « vinyl shirts ».

At the exhibit, painter Darco is pleased to show his work around such a unique artistic performance where he and Ken Okada drew these new model of men’s shirts together.

Moreover, during the evening, Peter Von Poehl also presented his albums on vinyl which will be directly integrated into the back of the shirts and ended with his live performance by playing the track from his latest album.

The night ended with a little defilé which finally presented the collection of vinyl shirts to the guests who come and join the evening.

For more information about Ken Okada Paris, please check out www.ken-okada.com