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Roses have punctuated Yves Piaget’s life as well as the history of his famous Maison Piaget. The latest, Haute Joaillerie Piaget Rose Passion collection, was inspired by the Empress Joséphine’s enduring love of nature and of roses. That has made Maison Piaget decided to create a collection imbued with femininity, modernity and elegance, like this woman and her extraordinary life.

The collection comprises 100 creations embodying the finest High Jewellery and Artistic Crafts, including 75 jewellery pieces and 25 watches.

The Piaget Rose Passion collection, pervaded by the personality of Joséphine de Beauharnais, shares her character traits and embodies her passions. The collection expresses the beauty of this flower, to which Joséphine devoted her life, yearly increasing her amazing roses at Malmaison.

With the Piaget Rose Passion, the jeweller has created a bold, contemporary and glamorous jewellery collection, all aspects which perfectly embodied the spirit of these new Piaget roses.

The collection encompasses watches, jewellery and High Jewellery items, which connected by the theme of the rose and the spirit of Joséphine instilled in each piece. Its features jewellery items that can be worn in many different ways.

The Piaget Rose Passion collection is based on a luminous choice of colourful and precious stones as well as hard stones, and with a predominance of pink echoing the colour of the flower, and green for a fresh touch.

This passionate Piaget Rose Passion collection expresses all the beauty and elegance of Joséphine, the much-loved Empress with whom Piaget shares its passion for the Queen of Flowers.

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