Dior Homme – Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in Paris (with interview)

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An urban sailor takes over the podium at Dior Homme. At Christian Dior, Kris Van Assche gives pride of place to an urban sailor adorned in his most beautiful costume. The wardrobe is awash firstly with tennis stripes before evolving into a more artistic range, with dashes of multi-coloured pencil appearing over the whole of the collection. The sartorial spirit then takes a direction into sportswear, with faded denim cut trousers and jackets. The designer modernizes the three piece suit by replacing the waistcoat with knitted sweaters. Monsieur Christian Dior’s signature is stitched onto the shirt collars or onto the entire silhouette, as a way of appending the master’s approval of Kris Van Assche’s work, who succeeds in bringing a new energy to the essentials of the men’s wardrobe, and expertly continuing the savoir-faire of the house whilst maintaining the traditions for the generations to come. Interview: Kris Van Assche : I wanted a dynamic collection because we started with this idea of a man who leaves Paris and the city life, escaping to the seaside, the countryside, the idea of staying elegant but in a more relaxed way with only jackets, hands in pockets, the 3 piece suit replaced with a knitted waistcoat, all of these kinds of things. An elegant attitude but where comfort is essential. In all of these we can feel the influence of Mister Dior himself, through his hand-written letter which talks about the importance of tradition, which appears on shirts, on ties, on accessories. Also the idea of Mister Dior who used to leave Paris to revitalize with artist friends. So I imagined some scenes of him with artists all together in a country house and they were taking a breather, recharging their batteries as well as creating art, beauty, just simply creating… so for me it is a kind of street-art on the tailoring. Karl Lagerfeld : The most difficult thing in fashion is not to do extreme things which seem to belong to a class in a fashion school, but to make classics evolve so that they don’t become old-fashioned, because that’s what happens to classics after a few years. You have to evolve in a modern mind, with a classic style, and this is the most difficult but he succeeds very well, the proof is that I’m wearing it!