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PrivateFly is an online booking network that makes it quicker, easier and more cost effective to arrange private jet charter. With over 7000 aircraft registered worldwide, PrivateFly is the only online aggregator for private jet charter in Europe.

Its offer a full-service VIP charter service to direct customers and partners. The bespoke software has been created in-house specifically to meet the needs of charter customers and operators.

« PrivateFly has seen steady demand for private jet flights for the World Cup in Brazil, but most clients have planned ahead, more than usual for private jet flights, so there has not been a rush of recent enquiries – yet » said Mehdi Dialmy, Head of French operations for PrivateFly.fr.


« This pattern is quite normal during the opening stages of international sporting events. The soccer games in the early stages of the World Cup are scheduled months in advance. That allows a wide selection of scheduled airline options to be arranged and for private jets to be reserved, to ensure availability. It is only in the later stages of sporting events, when teams progress to the knock out stages, that travel plans are organised at the last minute. »

« Generally, Private jets don’t compete with airlines, but are booked to fill the gaps between schedules. Indeed two thirds of global private jet movements are between airports that don’t have a daily airline service. »

« But when it emerges which teams will be competing in the final stages, private jet demand and movements increase linearly towards a peak at the final day. This has been the same pattern for previous major sports events, including the Olympics and soccer Champions League and World Cups. »

« If France proceed to the final sixteen and beyond, we will certainly see increased demand for private jets from France to Brazil. The price for a return flight from Paris Le Bourget to Rio would be around €175 000 in a long range Global Express, seating 14. »

« So what could stop a bumper number of bookings for the private jet industry in Brazil? Here are a few issues:
« Prices: Brazilian private jets are charging a premium during the World Cup month – for internal flights within Brazil. For example a Lear 55 (7-seater) from Rio to San Paulo would normally cost €7 000. This week this has jumped to €15 000.  »
« Airport slots: With so many extra airlines flying for the World Cup, Brazilian airports are experiencing peak number of movements. Availability of slots for private jets is extremely limited and most are reserved for FIFA VIPs and officials. Not many airports are slot-coordinated for private jets under normal circumstances but during major events, private jet scheduling at airports has to lose some of its usual flexibility. »

« Availability of aircraft: The normal fleet of Brazilian-based aircraft are now almost all fully booked. It will be very difficult to find a private jet two weeks from now that has availability for the World Cup ». Mehdi Dialmy highlighted.

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