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Paris Picnic, A perfect Paris Picnic

Having a picnic in Paris is great especially it’s summer time. Full of beautiful parks and landmarks in the city, delicious food options and a lot more.

Picnicking in Paris is so good, in fact, you could be forgiven for thinking Paris was made for le pique-nique. But for all the fun and relaxation a nice picnic provides, arranging a proper picnic is a lot of work, so why not let this new american company, Paris Picnic , set it all for you?

Paris Picnic Founded by Katya Kroupnik and Patrick Johnson, a young American couple who moved to the City of Lights in 2012. Paris Picnic simplifies the process of planning and enjoying a picnic by offering a seamless service for tourists and Parisians alike. Forget countless errands to find all the right foods, coordinating a complex potluck with friends and then arriving at the park only to realize you’ve forgotten dessert and nobody remembered a wine opener. Paris Picnic has you covered.

It’s very easy and simple, just go to their website and order there, that’s it!!! So, now go check it out at  www.parispicnic.com