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Long Beach Mauritius Corner at Renaissance Le Parc Trocadéro

Renaissance Le Parc Trocadéro, 5-Star Paris Hotel invites guests to escape to paradise this summer at the new long beach corner. Making the latest offering from the Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero Hotel more appealing than ever. For three months, a corner in its exclusive courtyard will be transformed, in partnership with Long Beach Hotel (Sun Resorts), Mauritius, into an exotic escape that everyone from the most cultivated Parisian to the most enthusiastic visitor will want to experience.

The garden terrace will be infused with the smells, sights and sounds of its inspiring island destination. Guests can descend from their luxurious guest rooms and hotel suites near the Eiffel Tower to discover an equally sumptuous experience amid leafy trees and chaise lounges. Signature cocktails and sorbets that capture the sun-drenched flavors of Mauritius, as well as an enticing selection of tapas, will be ready for tasting at a beach-style cabana located in the garden.

Long Beach, Mauritius offers five-star service and amenities that include five restaurants, access to world class golf and spas. Its design is every bit as refined and nuanced as that of these boutique hotel suites in Paris.

Urban architecture informed by island-style building materials and a healthy dose of gardens unite in one extraordinary island resort off the African coast. Long Beach, Mauritius does offer spectacular sea views from every room.

Like Paris itself, the urban resort of the Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero Hotel has plenty to offer visitors all year round. But its creative garden transformation manages to unite the best of both island life and the cultural capital of the world into one destination no one should miss.

This partnership With Long Beach, Mauritius Transforms, this Urban Resort’s Garden Into a Tropical Haven.

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