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Fred Sathal Couture Paris

After 8 years of absence from the Paris Fashion Week, the designer, Fred Sathal, is back on the schedule in this latest Haute Couture Fashion Week.

Fred Sathal is a designer and visual artist, whose work embodies various identities, in which she officiates for haute couture, stage arts and contemporary art. This year she has been selected as a guest member by the French Federation of Couture to present her new collection in the official Haute Couture calendar, as a relaunch of her Couture House.


This collection of Fred Sathal is like a journey through the folds of the soul. It is a wardrobe embroidered inside and outside, crossed by threads, tassels, sequins, glitter and dyes that reflect light. These associations draw in space an organic and cosmic relief.

And after the result of four years of research, Fred Sathal, came out with a new textile mutation, in which she used in this collection.

In each and every garments from this collection contain some kind a symbolic meaning. For Fred Sathal, the universe is where every garment is a piece of art.