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Julien Fournié Haute Couture Show

At Eglise de l´Oratoire du Louvre, Julien Fournié has presented his latest haute couture collection during this past Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

The scene of the church and its environment was a compliment to the whole show and it’s very well suited with the garments that  Julien Fournié has sent out through the runway.

The inspiration for the collection was found in German expressionism, and particualrly in some works by painter Otto Dix, in the way he put colors side by side to create emotion.

The aesthetic of this collection is set with shades of black singing thanks to a few chosen contratsing colors.

Julien Fournié’s enchantresses « à la Anita Berber » are moulded in sharp cuts, infusing to any movement an aristocratic composure. Cut out in dense jerseys or surrounded by a swirl of chiffon, the curves of the bodies are dancing with nobility.

This season, Julien Fournié portrays sorceresses in essential cuts, printed thorns or spiky long necklaces they consider as talismans. In contrast to the arcanes of blacks, solid colors, inlays or brocade, bakelite embroideries illustrate the eternal struggle between mystery and shimmer, innocence and malice.

This was the eleventh collection under his name, Julien Fournié, which operates radical choices to underline the essence of his style.