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Since its opening in April, Miss Clara has been carving out a name for itself in Stockholm’s highly competitive culinary scene. With executive chef Danny Guest of Operakällaren fame at the helm, the hotel’s restaurant is serving up reinvented classical Swedish cuisine with international influences. With a conceptual focus on holistic and wholesome, all dishes are meticulously balanced, not only in terms of flavor profiles, but nutritional values as well. Equally scrupulous, the bar is revamping the very concept of a cocktail, implementing scientific techniques in the creation of its drinks.


The menus for the 80-seater restaurant on Sveavägen Boulevard, took the inspiration from typical Swedish dishes. Using the abundance of fresh local ingredients, Guest and his team are reinventing traditional Scandinavian food with an international twist. Where possible, ingredients are organic and sourced locally, ensuring every helping served at Miss Clara meets Guest’s award-winning standards. Meat is sourced from farms on the island of Gotland, where the free range livestock graze on a diet of hay and grass, free from synthetic chemicals. Vegetables and herbs are incorporated into Guest’s recipes depending on the time of year and availability, staying true to the principals of « eating with the seasons ». The entire menu is free from refined sugar and flour as well as « unnatural » additives. Dishes include porchetta of Swedish pig with caramelized fennel and watercress, organic smoked salmon served on a bed of homemade potato salad, and gluten free carrot cake sweetened with agave and stevia.



For further information in case you plan to go to Stockholm or already there, find out more at www.designhotels.com/hotels/sweden/stockholm/miss-clara