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La Fonction is back in a slim-line and coloured version

La Fonction is a new French brand partisan of useful luxury. La Fonction just launched their second opus, a briefcase in leather and textile which folds out to recreate a private workstation wherever you are. La Fonction is 100% Made in France, it is a functional and innovative concept product.
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La Fonction no. 1.2 designed for those who recognize quality in detail. This new model, made by one of the leading French workshops, is crafted to the highest standards. Avilable in grey or navy. La Fonction no. 1.2 plays on a refined contrast of saddle- stitched materials. This handmade creation emphasises the elegant tension of leather against a canvas of locally woven cotton, giving the object a chic and casual look which goes easily with any outfit.
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On a practical level, the concept remains identical. Firstly, a comfortable and discreet means of transporting a computer. Secondly, a system of flaps which open around the screen to create a private space and encourage concentration. Providing effective protection against prying eyes and reflections, it allows you to focus on your work in a train, an open-space office or hotel lobby. Finally, it offers several internal pockets to store day-to-day accessories and allows adaptation to the removable pocket of its all-leather « big brother » to meet the needs of users with a large amount of equipment.

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All arguments making this new model a must-have posed to seduce creative profes- sionals on the move who want to retain a distinctive elegance.

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For further details of La Fonction, go directly on the website www.la-fonction.com

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