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The intimate shot of Jean-Michel Basquiat in Hawaii by Paige Powell

Paige Powell has been actively involved in the art world since the 1980s. After she moved to New York City with the hopes of working with Interview Magazine or Woody Allen, she landed both jobs. She became a close friend and confidant of Andy Warhol, founder of the publication, and a fixture at his Factory. Her major contributions to the world of photography include her candid shots documenting the rise of avant-garde contemporary art. Powell currently works as a photographer, curator, and animal rights activist.

The presentation of this special edition portrait in collaboration with Paige Powell and the Suzanne Geiss Company.

In 2014, more than thirty years after the moment-in-time captured above, the Suzanne Geiss Company presented the exhibition, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Reclining Nude. This was the first presentation of rare, candid photographs from Powell’s comprehensive archive, a significant chronicle of her two-year relationship with Jean-Michel as well as 1980’s art and culture in America.

This intimate shot of Jean-Michel Basquiat was taken during his stay on a ranch in Hana on the island of Maui in 1984. He was working in a studio he set up in Hana with art materials brought from New York and sent from Los Angeles. Paige Powell, along with Basquiat’s sister Jeanine, his father, Gerard, and Nora Fitzpatrick all visited the artist in Hawaii that February.