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In this 2014, Baccarat celebrates its 250th anniversary. It’s been two and one half centuries of craftsmanship, perfection and passion have made this brand the symbol of the art de vivre à la française and a favorite of home and yacht owners. Keeping a perfect balance between heritage and modernity, savoir-faire and art, each Baccarat piece is an object of delight, a destiny shared with the yachts in the harbor for the boat show.

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On this very special year, Baccarat will present its timeless pieces at the Monaco Yacht Show on the Upper Deck Lounge with a new scenography specifically dedicated to the yacht decoration.

The Maison will showcase a wide range of their creations. Beyond Crystal collection by Rémi Tessier will be feature the original association of the savoir-faire of Baccarat and the prestigious faucets and accessories manufacturer, THG.

The « crystal of kings, the king of crystal » has adorned the splendid boats of the powers of the world from the Duke of Windsor to Aristotle Onassis and beyond, a witness of very special moments spent on much loved vessels.


The unique purity of Baccarat crystal and the exquisite creativity of its cutting take the light and reflect it in all colours of the rainbow in an effect that rivals the sun’s reflections on the sea.

Baccarat will exhibit its collection on the Upper Deck Lounge and there will be unlimited opportunities for the bespoke pieces of unrivaled beauty to transform every sailing experience into a truly unforgettable moment.