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Faiza Bouguessa, the french-algerian designer, living in Dubai, reworks the abaya with modernity!

The French-Algerian, Faiza Bouguessa has now lived in Dubai for 8 years. Today, she wears the abaya that she has reworked with an urban and contemporary touch.The French-Algerian, and previous air hostess, Faiza Bouguessa has now lived in Dubai for 8 years. Today she wears the abaya that has been reworked with a personal touch, that is both minimalist graphic and colourful. A collection appreciated by the Dubains, who love the way the traditional garment has been reinterpreted. A challenge that has succeeded, showing that anything is possible in this city with such a positive energy. Interview: Faiza Bouguessa: It’s been less than a year since I launched my modest clothing label here in Dubai, and I gave a little bit of my French touch to the traditional clothes like the abaya for this first collection and you can see that it’s easy to wear, it’s light, it’s new. But above all the challenge for me was reinventing this garment, because it’s such a traditional piece but so much has changed in recent years and so I wanted to move away from a product that isn’t familiar to me, so I made the lines more structured, you could even say straighter, I was inspired by architecture and art, and so the architecture in Dubai is also very inspiring, there are so many buildings that have quite geometric shapes so I was really inspired by that. It’s been so much more, but it’s true that people have been surprised, they all say to me, « They’re really abayas, ahh it’s an abaya ok ! » so that’s the question I get asked most often, but that pleases me very much. They love it because it’s so modern but it respects their clothing values, so I liked to give them this opportunity to wear everyday fashion to the clothes that you can wear outside and not just to the ones that you’d wear inside which they usually do.