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Welcome To The Funky World of Lamia Bousnina

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Let me introduce you to The Amazing Lamia Bousnina, the brain and beauty behind the Musk and Amber (M&A) concept, a first of its kind in Tunis, presented to us at Downtown Design (DD) this year. A unique gallery, born of Lamia’s dream, an exceptional woman passionate about Travelling, Art and Fashion, who sees beauty everywhere.

This design addict would argue that she is more into design that fashion but she always seems to be able to hit us with the most glamorous outfits, so I demand to know!!!

As beautiful from the inside as she is on the outside, this talented Trend Hunter is always on the lookout for the finest cultural treasures, fashion statement and iconic art pieces, offering her visitors a journey into her enchanted world.

Come, dream with me and welcome to the Funky World of Lamia Bousnina!

What did you think of the Downtown Design Fair (DD)? Did you meet potential clients and/or people you’d love to team up with?

DD was a great opportunity and a fantastic platform to promote our designers in the Middle East. It was such a great experience and the response from the public as well as the professionals was overwhelmingly positive. We really enjoyed the fair and made the most of it.

Lamia, you are the soul behind « Musk and Amber », a boutique gallery dedicated to Design, Fashion and Art, based in Tunis, Can you tell us more about it?

My gallery is a lifestyle concept around art, design and fashion showcasing local and international brands with a special focus on brands carrying original and innovative designs. I’m mixing Middle Eastern and Western designers to bridge the gap between both cultures and create a magic atmosphere; I’d like to think I’m inviting people on a journey.

Do you feel that travelling so much had a major impact on your career and shape it up as such?

Absolutely! I love travelling and have been around since an early age. I’m very curious, see beauty everywhere and love glamour. I want people to have the same emotional connection when they visit M&A than when I’m travelling. I’m passionate about all things with an artistic or cultural component: Perfumes, clothes, art, books, travels, Music etc…

You started up a career in politics but ended up in design and fashion – What happened?

It was my dream to work at the UN but I was always so passionate about lifestyle, beauty, fashion and culture that I wanted to come up with a project that will mix all those components. It took me some time to finally decide to create a little world of mine thanks to the support of my husband, friends and family.

You have been living in so many cities – Which city have you enjoyed the most?

I lived in Europe, US, UAE and feel I can live just about anywhere, for that reason I wouldn’t be able to pick one country in particular; I’m such a globe -trotter!

Does your home look like a museum full of amazing art pieces or is it rather minimalistic?

It is definitely not minimalistic; I have loads of iconic art pieces from all over the world.
Would you say that you are more into fashion or design?

I’d say design but I do love fashion and always make sure to select the fashion brands offering the most interesting and original designs.

What are the art and fashion industries like in Tunisia? How are people responding to your “avant-guardiste” concept?

They are responding very well and do enjoy M&A. It is indeed a little bit too avant- guarde for the Tunisian people but they still love it. Some of them are curious, other like to discover new things or are simply trend hunters. In Tunisia, people like art and my gallery is one of a kind, so people do appreciate it and also help spread the word around. I’m organising more events, special collaborations, introducing new brands and designers to keep the place exciting, while offering great networking opportunities for all creative minds.

What’s your ambition for M&A?

We want M&A to become a strong and internationally recognised brand and one of the best platforms in Tunisia showcasing upcoming designers, while steadily increasing our number of visitors and generating more collaborations between local artisans and renowned brands.

Can you tell us more about your M&A foundation called « Patrimoine »

The foundation « Patrimoine » aims to promote our heritage through workshops designed to help local artisans and craftsman to improve and develop their skills while getting exposure and the opportunity to collaborate with established brands. Local artisans and craftmans usually lack of structure and work in really bad conditions due to financial restrictions. It is an ambitious project but we are determined to help and support as many of them as possible and hope to get the support of more organisations and governmental entities.

Who’s your favourite fashion designer?

Oscar de la Renta, his designs are simply timeless and glamour. May he rest in peace.

Your favourite French dessert?

Tarte tatin.

What in your opinion is the best recipe to get over a break up?

Shopping – Without a doubt! When I’m not fine I shop a lot!!!

For more information about the gallery, please visit Musk And Amber

Semia Azaiz, Editor in Chief, Luxsure Dubai