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1205, Womenswear Show, Autumn/Winter 2015/16, London

Longline silhouettes and heavily worked fabrics; we could sum up the new 1205 collection with just this. The creator Paula Gerbase totally reinterprets the basics of the feminine wardrobe and promotes superimposing, volume and decoration as the themes chosen for Autumn/Winter. Knitwear is worn as long dresses, jumpers, sleeveless coats and pleated skirts. White shirts tease with transparent effects, or are coordinated with reworked apron-style trousers and skirts. The parka is ultra light and slim fitting. We see very quickly that the decoration is to be found in the delicate aspect of the materials, and in the precise construction of the clothing. A certain uniform aspect is created by the neutral colours (marine, grey, white, khaki) heavily used by the designer who hails from the Savile Row world of tailoring, so for her the purity and depth of the clothing remains essential. To note: fitted knitwear dresses to put on and keep on forever.