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Al Ghurair Centre’s urban art event is back for its second year in the heart of the city – StreetCon 2015

Mark your calendars, as the inner streets

Back for its second year running, Al Ghurair Centre’s StreetCon is a ten-day celebration of local and international artistic talent that takes place right in the urban center of Dubai. Some of the world’s most renowned street artists will descend on the Deira hot spot and take over the inner road of Al Ghurair Centre and its surrounding areas to showcase their work.





Al Ghurair Centre aims to energize the streets of Deira with accessible and interactive art for the community. Featuring over 20 local and international graffiti artists, container mash up rooms with art exhibitions, galleries and workshops, along with interactive drawing stations, live musicians and skate ramp shows.

This year’s event will also bring Alan Parkinson’s breathtaking Architects of Air, A Mirazozo luminarium to the mall. Designed to give up to 80 people at one time an ephemeral experience of encountering light, the labyrinth of colour and music will span a huge 1200 sq meters and will take six hours to assemble over the Al Rigga Road car park.

Visitors will be invited to watch artists bring the local area to life as a cultural and colorful explosion of modern art techniques will be on display for urban art fans and all of the family alike, promoting artist – audience interaction in a unique setting.

Al Ghurair Centre aims to energize public spaces in order to make art accessible to the community and will be unveiling the final art pieces from its recent Public Art Initiative, where local artists were encouraged to submit their art for potential public display in and around the area. This event and many others aspire to transform Al Ghurair Centre into a pinnacle zone in Dubai for public art that rejuvenates the streetscapes around the mall for both tourist and locals to enjoy.

Al Ghurair Centre’s StreetCon will be on daily from 1pm to 10pm, April 23rd to 2nd May 2015. Located on the inner road between mall entrances 3 and 4 at Al Ghurair Centre in Deira (near the Dome cafe and Spinney’s). Nearest metro stations include Union Station and Salahuddin.