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NADA G™ launch the complete ‘Baby Malak Collection’ at Couture Show 2015, Las Vegas, USA, including rings, cuffs, earrings, chokers, and necklaces

Multi-­‐award winner Nada G™ launch the complete ‘Baby Malak Collection’ at Couture Show 2015, Las Vegas, USA. The collection is an extension of ‘Baby Malak’ rings,
which debuted within the ‘Resolutions’ collection in December 2014.
The rings had been positively received that they merited an expansion to include pinky rings, cuffs, earrings, chokers, and necklaces. Nada G™ embraced the 2015 New Year with a colorful and optimistic start, translated into a vibrant bold collection: ‘Resolutions’ which will also be featured in Couture. ‘Resolutions’ is all about spreading optimism and positivity. “We all pursue the positives in our lives and what constantly makes us happier and more balanced in our every day.Our goal is to add light, love and hope in everything we do and spread positive energy,” says Nada Ghazal, founder, designer and Managing Partner of Nada G™. “’Resolutions’ speaks for itself, where it embraces vibrancy of colors married with aesthetics that in turn translate into a smile the moment you wear any of the pieces!” She adds
For the ‘Resolutions’ collection, Nada revisited her 2010 ‘Malak collection’, which was named after her the unborn daughter, to include colorful rings that were inspired
by the 2010 collection and the defined positive bubbly personality of her now 4-­‐year old daughter which she aptly named
‘Baby Malak’. She hoped that those who saw the ‘Baby Malak’ rings were compelled by their unique design and could strongly connect with their core essence.
‘Baby Malak’ rings were an instant hit and prompted acclaimed recognition and a complete collection. From a design perspective, ‘Baby Malak’ is a magnificent vibrant
,family of rings that work independently or in multitude. Beautifully encrusted in the brilliance of colorful stones working in harmony with the vibrant gold, each ring spells out a rainbow of its own.

“We hope to spread even more positivity as now ‘Baby Malak’ comes in pinky rings, earrings, cuffs, ,chokers and necklaces as well as rings.” She claims.
At the heart of all the designs of Nada G™ is ‘Emotional Connections,’ and that’s why every piece of jewelry Nada designs comes with a story, a memory, an incident or an emotion with which she feels could connect with every individualthrough its fine jewelry. “I believe it’s important that no matter the circumstances, women should continue to let their inner light shine through. Whatever my mood, when I look at Malak, my 4-­‐year-­‐old daughter, she manages to transform day into a ray of light. She inspires me and fills my heart with positive energy. I hope that whomever wears items from ‘Baby Malak’ collection will constantly be reminded to take whatever life may bring in black & white, yet with the simplicity of a ring, a bracelet, an earing, in all, a dose of color can and will transform your day to the positive.” She concludes.

The new ‘Complete Baby Malak’ Collection will make its debut amongst the world’s finest collectionsat Couture Show, Las Vegas, the most exclusive destination
for luxury jewelry starting 28th May.
Nada G™ fine jewelry encapsulates the designer’s world of experiences, showcasing intricate masterpieces that exhibit a sense of order and form, designed, as timeless pieces made of 18k gold and precious stones. Going against established norms, the pieces exhibit fragility in their coarseness, docility in their textures, and vibrancy
in their candid statements.
Each piece of jewelry echoes a different sense of emotion or memory, mirroring not only a adornment of the senses, but more so celebrating what they evoke to be a


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