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Fendi Timepieces Crazy Carats Shearling Collection 2015

Fendi presents the Crazy Carats Shearling Watches Collection: the perfect mix between deftly trend-setting colors and watchmaking innovation.

Inspired by the Fendi Women’s Fall /Winter 2015-16 Collection, the Crazy Carats Shearling Collection celebrates the aesthetic of geometric lines. With a unique system to change the gem shades on the hour markers, and handmade shearling bands reflecting the tones of the season, these models raise the bar for luxury fashion watches. 


A colorful approach to fashion and watchmaking

The Crazy Carats Shearling Collection brings Fendi’s high fashion heritage and daring creativity directly into its watch design, not forgetting its unique expertise in fur and leather. The hand-made exclusive shearling bands are multi-shaded in line with the ready to wear collection, with two variants carefully teamed with hour markers in various tones of topaz to create a rich riot of colours.