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SPFW – Day 1 Highlights

The first day of the 41st edition of the São Paulo Fashion Week opened yesterday afternoon 29th April at the Bienal Pavilion in Ibirapuera Park.

Amabilis presented their Summer 2017 collection for the first time in SPFW, as part of the TOP Five project initiated last year to help emerging fashion brands grow up and develop. The designers Luiz Carlos Guidoni and Robson Santos found inspiration in the depths of the sea to create silhouettes of a free, sensual woman, in perpetual search for new challenges and adventures. The collection contains a mix of technical fabrics, metallic and biodegradable nylon items, and natural fibres used for instance for the fishing net looking garments. A beautiful and inspired collection, conquering the audience to the sound of an actual quintet of musicians and opera singer, live.




Speaking of magic, shortly after, Apartment 03 presented their collection inspired by illusionism in general and Houdini in particular. Oversized garments, shirts and pants inspired by straitjackets and padlocks, in a palette dominated by malabar pinks and denim blue and luxurious fabrics such as crepe de chine, organza and silk – a perfect magic act! The show also started in music with a mini gig involving four fabulous female singers.




The final show of the day brought us back to a harsher reality, although in flamboyant style. Ronaldo Fraga paid homage to migrants and refugees, and the cultural richness they bring along. The prints included designs inspired by wax and African continent art in general, graphic stripes and squares, as well as multicoloured flowers, in a stunning palette of explosive blues, purples, reds. In terms of accessories, highlights were the statement necklaces and earrings – and the breaded hairdos.




Laurie Guillem