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Summer look with Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters New In are must-have to get a summer « college look ». Confortable, fashionable  and somehow looking like a throwback in the Nineties, the bombers and the printed  t-shirts are a perfect match.


Urban Renewal bomber jacket,60£

14. Urban Renewal at Urban Outfitters jacket £125 or 165 euros

Urban Renewal jacket, 125£/165€

12. Altru graphic tee at Urban Outfitters - £30 or €40

Altru graphic tee, 30£/40€

Banned from anyone wardrobe for a long time, the Hawai shirt is making a fantastic comeback this summer and takes its place at Urban Outfitters! No time to hesitate, grab also  the urban glass sets and get ready to enjoy the sun.

10. Dickies shirt

Dickies shirt, 62€

18. Urban Outfitters glass set £12 or 17 euros

Glass Set,12£/17€

For the girls, the choice is between  a simple but lovely dress wich would surely match with a bluejean jacket, and a white skirt not only to wear on a tennis court since the brand collaborated with Fila, the specialized Tennis Apparel brand on this skirt and on a polo-top to get the total look.



3. Urban Outfitters dress - £46 or €62


5. Urban Outfitters x Fila skirt £45

Urban Outfitters x Fila skirt,45£/57€

With the Hawaiian shirt comeback, it is no surprise to see again the famous pool sliders, easy to wear and trendy, as well as the timeless Nike trainers, for boys and girls.

2. adidas pool sliders £60 or 85 euros

Adidas pool sliders,60£/85€

8. Nike trainers £92 or 111 euros

Nike trainers,92£/111€

As for the accessories, less is more, vintage sunglasses, a Nike cap and a backpack to go hiking or just sitting on the beach while listening to old recordings, afterall summer is also the best moment to relax.

4. Urban Outfitters sunglasses £18 or 27 euros


11. Nike SB cap £30 or 35 euros

Nike SB cap,30£/35€

13. Rains backopack £75 or 90 euros

Rains backopack,75£/90€

17. Crosley record player £100 or 135 euros

Crosley record player,100£/135€

Discover the complete selection of New In, in Urban Outfitters shops or online at www.urbanoutfitters.com.