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The French American Festival of Humor in New York from 22 to 25 june 2016 !

French humor arrive on the international stage in New-York City with the 1st International Francophone Festival of humor in the USA: the French Comedy Festival of New York from 22 to 25 June 2016. www.frenchcomedyfestival.com
True birthplace of stand-up, New York is a prestigious city for the public and the comedians.
  • Fary – (France) Sold Out
  • Lamin Lezghad (France) – Sold Out
  • SUGAR SAMMY (Canada)
  • PAUL TAYLOR (UK) – Sold Out
  • NOMAN Hosni (France) – Sold Out
For 5 days, in the heart of Manhattan, the mythical Producers’ Club Theaters, The Cutting Room and The Broadway Comedy Club will welcome more than 600 spectators for 5 shows in French and one special show in english !
Franco-American, The French Comedy Festival will initiate his Francophone artists to the english stand-up on Saturday, June 25, 2016 at 6.30pm at the Broadway Comedy Club. The French comedians will share the stage with figures of American humor for a big closing evening: The « Broadway Comedy Night ».
For this first edition tickets are available from 10 $.
Pass for several shows are also available at $ 25 for 2 nights, $ 35 for 3 nights and $ 45 for unlimited access to 5 nights. (Sold Out)
At the head of this adventure, Michael Sehn; This Franco-American comedian, created in 2014 the French Comedy Production Company in New York. Convinced that the French scene has his place « overseas »; he offers the opportunity for the French comedians to live a true American dream.
For two years now, the French Comedy Production presents new talent of laughter during his occasional evenings: The « French Comedy Night » (www.frenchcomedynight.com)
« The Returns of a captivated audience, the enthusiasm of participants for this unique experience and our official partnership with Vivendi, allow us to bring a new dimension with the 1st edition of the French Comedy Festival in the United States. »
« Vivendi is very pleased to support this initiative, » says Christelle Graillot, Director of Vivendi Talents.