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ICOSAE Spring/Summer 2017

Established in 2014, the brand Icosae offers a new vision on men’s tailoring  while keeping the DNA and finishing of a traditional savoir-faire. Icosae is sharing a personnal vision on today’s subcultures which are weighing on society and driving fashion. The two Parisian born creative directors of Icosae, Valentin and Florentin Glemarec  create deconstruted, but still refined and elegant look while keeping the silhouette cool and easy to wear. Using the  heritage of classic tailoring remains the essence of their designs and enhance the indefinable feeling which emanates from their collections.



« What do you do if the prime of yout life was really when you were sixteen? » Some may say youth is the most beautiful moment in ones life. Freedom, recklessness, beauty, nothing is more thrilling than those times we remember later on as the best in our lives. For their Men Spring/Summer 2017,  ICOSAE used this first phrase as a source of reflexion. Looking back at their former works and questionning them on the future, the two designers wanted build a new identity and change the approach we are used to have on dressing today.



Inspired by the lawless Japanese riders called Bosozoku, the collection explores the idea of freedom and individuality. As youth invites to dream and finding ourselves, Icosae’s fashion invites us to live life to the fullest, without any grants.




ICOSAE, explores a wide range of techniques, such as building the silhouette from cut out and tailoring or addind deconstruction and rotating garnments to delicate embroideries.  The luxurious fabrics like virgin wool, summer tweed and vaporous silk are emphasizing the bodies movements which is a key element to the whole collection. The story of an end and a new beginning, embodied in a youthfull collection.