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Tone & Firm those legs!

With a little help from LPG, you are on your way to show off those sexy legs!

Rocking the heat with those stylish rompers, wash ripped denim shorts and pretty little dresses are your essentials to fashionably enjoy your summer days out. Hence, it goes without saying that your lower limbs or simply
your legs should be cared for as well. Slender, smooth, toned and firm legs can be achieved with some exercises, moisturizers and a little help from LPG Endermologie using their latest technology – the Cellu M6 Alliance.

Dr.Sami Jaber, aesthetics specialist, and spokesperson of LPG ME, shared some tips to help you lighten your legs.

Quick and easy run or walk

If you drive to office then sit for a long period of time, change your routine. Why not try walking for at least 10 minutes during lunchtime on the staircase or jog or run at night? This is a good workout to get rid of fat from your legs, thighs and hips. Maybe next time you’ll have a change of hearts with the elevators for this?

Stretch & squats

Stretching will help you warm up your muscles and helps improve joint mobility. Plus it is easy do to you can do it at your desk. Sit-up straight then lift your legs at 90 degrees, point your toes and hold it for 30 seconds then relax. Repeat 2x. As for the squats, do it at home for 10 repetitions in 3 sets. Not only your legs will look great but your buttocks as well.

30-minute Detox LPG treatment

This treatment stimulates circulatory exchanges to fight water retention and drains impurities; therefore, skin is “re-oxygenated”. The new-patented Alliance treatment head helps to activate the body’s elimination functions and stimulates the circulation relieving symptoms of water retention. Immediately you will feel your legs lighter and skin firmer.


Exfoliate & moisturize

Use a ‘do-it- yourself- scrub by mixing sugar, olive oil and honey to ward off dead skin and nourish it at the same time. Sugar has a natural glycolic acid which helps hydrate skin and keep it moiturized. While the honey has antibacterial and probiotic properties and tough in removing dirt. As for the olive oil, it is good to keep your skin from aging prematurely with its antioxidant. Do this at least 3x in a week.