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Alexandre J launches Eid Gift Set

Alexandre.J spent much of his life traveling and investing in many artistic projects. He then decided to make perfume his craft – offering a brand that would reflect his unconditional love of materials, the blending of cultures and the arts.


Artist in perpetual creative reflection, Alexandre .J delivers emotions. Its colored flasks, its detonating olfactive signature and its consensual stories seduce and delight.
On the occasion of the Eid, Alexandre.J proposes a variation of its perfumes best sellers in new boxes. An unprecedented way to rediscover the collection, The Collector.


As every year, Alexandre.J releases the limited edition of the Collector Gift Set.
20 17 marks the return of Black Muses and Morning Muses coffret ; The international best sellers are highlighted in a
100 ml + 6 * 8 ml box. Altesse Mysore, our new oriental flower is not left out with a set composed of 100 ml, a soap and 5*8 ml of the rest of the collection.