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Middle Eastern designers set to take over Paris in Fashion Forward Dubai showroom’s biggest season yet, Sept 28th – Oct 2nd

Fashion Forward Dubai (FFWD), the progressive Middle Eastern fashion platform, returns to Paris for a third showing on September 28th – October 2nd at Hotel InterContinental Paris Le Grand, 2 Rue Scribe – 75009, (4136 and 4138) in collaboration with Muriel Piaser Consulting office as Global Fashion Developer.

FFWD will present a carefully curated selection of the best apparel and accessory designers from the region including Anaya, Amira Haroon, Amine Bandriouch, Asya Krasnaya, By Sadeem, Cheyma, Geodie Handbags, Hessa Falasi, Kage, Rula Galayani, Soltana, Tania George, and Utruj.

“I’m very excited to be a part of FFWD’s Paris Showroom once again. My brand has showcased with FFWD from the beginning, and as a result our exposure to the global fashion industry has grown every season as the international interest in the brands from the Middle East has increased. I look forward to becoming bigger and better with FFWD’s empowerment program EPIC, and meeting more international buyers this season, » said Amira Haroon.
Basma Abu Ghazaleh commented, “I think participating at a Paris showroom during PFW is very important for every designer that wishes to introduce their brand internationally. Buyers, stylists and top influencers travel from across the globe to explore new brands and FFWD’s Showroom in Paris has given local brands an opportunity to showcase their talents during the few most important days of the fashion year.”
« The FFWD showroom in Paris provides the perfect window for international brand visibility, as well as setting up buying appointments with the big regional retailers. I believe that emerging talents from the Middle East need to make a collective effort to resonate on the global scene. The FFWD showroom has come to represent such a collective, becoming instrumental in facilitating business progress as well as cementing the Middle East’s presence in Paris Fashion Week,” said Rula Galayini, accessory designer.

About FFWD and The FFWD Showroom Paris
Since its launch in April 2013, Fashion Forward Dubai has delivered nine successful events, twice per year, and has gained wide-spread recognition, showcasing the best design talent from across the Middle East, fostering their commercial success, and offering international visibility while engaging the fashion community globally.

Endorsed by Dubai Design and Fashion Council (DDFC) and supported by strategic partner Dubai Design District (d3), FFWD enters its tenth season on October 26th in Dubai presenting the best ready-to-wear, couture and accessory designers in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region over three days.

To further support the Middle East’s creative eco-system, in August 2016 FFWD launched EPIC (Empowerment Program through Industry Collaboration) – an empowerment program endorsed by the DDFC and supported by d3, that provides business development opportunities to regional fashion talent through a series of initiatives. EPIC is delivering a calendar of events and programs, all of which are dedicated to the progress of emerging fashion talent in the Middle East, while fostering a link between the emerging talents and an established world-leading European fashion community

The FFWD Showroom in Paris is a pivotal element of EPIC as it aims to provide Middle Eastern designers with a promising opportunity for international visibility and commercial viability during peak exposure and business season for the fashion world. The FFWD showroom is also a valuable opportunity to expose regional talent as it is also a platform for International fashion designers and the international fashion industry at large to come and learn about the specificity of Middle Eastern taste and customers, as well as discuss an opportunity to develop their business in the region.

About the Designers

ANAYA is a contemporary women’s wear designer Label. The collection was launched in Dubai in 2011. Since then, it has been picked up by leading magazines in the UAE such as GRAZIA and Harper’s Bazaar and attracted many celebrities for its fashion forward pieces. The designer, Chathuri Samaraweera’s work reflects a contemporary, feminine handwriting with unique cuts and fabric manipulations which brings out a product that’s different yet wearable.
AMIRA HAROON – An avid traveler and lover of the fine arts, Parsons School of Fashion graduate Amira Haroon credits growing up in Saudi Arabia as an important influence on her creative journey as a designer. Her wanderlust, along with an abiding love for excellent craftsmanship, vintage pieces and all things Art Deco led to a vivid mood board for what would become the Amira Haroon label brand in 2010. Haroon designs for the confident, thinking woman who allows her style to change and evolve with her travels, leaving a lasting impression wherever she goes.

AMINE BANDRIOUCH – ABCB ‘Amine Bendriouich Couture & Bullshit’ fuses urban aesthetics and Moroccan cultural heritage with a hint of this certain je-ne-sais-quoi that keeps fashion going. Working in Marrakech with the local craftsmen, Amine designs his collections like a storyteller: each season has a theme that symbolizes his perception of the world we live in.
ASYA KRASNAYA – Based in Dubai, the signature of the brand, designed by sisters Evgeniya and Elena, lies in bringing together Russian culture and lifestyle: ballet, luscious nature, cozy log houses and the tenderness of summer night at grandma’s with an extremely recognizable balance, characterized by fresh colors, soft and good for skin fabrics, high definition of sport chic finishing and signature current print.

BY SADEEM – is a Pret-a-Couture fashion brand by Saudi designer Sadeem Alshehail. The line is centered on creating collectible high-end pieces for a woman who is confident, elegant and sophisticated; a woman who is looking for timeless, well-made and versatile attire. An advocate of sustainable design, SADEEM embraces ethical practices, collaborating with companies that share the same principles. A core value of SADEEM is to provide fashion that has a positive impact on the global environment and society.
CHEYMA – Born in the capital of fashion Paris, Cheyma graduated from the Institute of Political Sciences of Paris with a Masters in fashion & luxury marketing. She worked for some of the most prestigious fashion brands in Paris including Christian Dior Couture, Chloé, and Saint Laurent Paris, with a digital experience at Lacoste, from which she got her sportswear touch. Cheyma describes her aesthetic as whimsical and etheraeal, and intends to give life to her various influences in order to empower women through her creations made with love and care.

GEODIE HANDBAGS – Geodie was designed and released by Annette Gharakhanian in 2016, and have been designed in a way to balance the spirit and appearance of each handbag, impressing senses such as hearing and tactility. This has caused people to develop a strong connection with Geodie and have a completely unique experience while using it.

HESSA FALASI – Coming from an Emarati origin, founder, designer and couture seamstress, Hessa Falasi showcases a strong understanding of the traditional sensibilities that go into adorning the veil and focuses on creating garments which empower women helping them exuberate confidence and experience luxury with comfort. She started her journey as a designer in 2007. Over the years with her growing empire she formally launched the label in 2011 and her flagship store in 2016 in the United Arab Emirates.

KAGE – Dubai-based label KAGE designed by Basma Abu Ghazaleh launched in 2009 and offers ready-to wear womenswear. Each collection brings a modern feel while staying loyal to the inherent daring nature of the KAGE girl: self-loving and unobstructed, she lives a life without boundaries, where style is what she chooses to express with the freedom of individuality.
RULA GALAYINI – Rula Galayini is a reflection of the woman who wears it: strong, edgy, and sensual; a power-bag and a contemporary statement piece. Her collections are designed for the everyday, yet tailored for the surprises that one never expects. Rula is a Vogue Arabia Fashion Prize Finalist, her bag has been listed by Vogue UK as 100 best bags in the world, and she is a winner of Mediterranean Fashion Prize in Marseille funded by Dior and Chanel.
SOLTANA – Is the story of a passionate young woman in fashion, Fatma Ben Soltane, who was able to make her childhood dream a reality. She creates a business where sophistication and glamor were inevitably combined and produced a feminine appeal. A style that is distinguished by the elegance of a strong, confident and daring woman. Femininity, boldness and class are its representative words.
TANIA GEORGE – Our quirky designs are inspired by the hidden beauty and charm of our hometown Amman. All uniquely handmade in JORDAN, Our “Clothes for a Cause” initiative relies on the skills of underprivileged local women and refugees who have inherited their craft of tailoring and embroidery from their mothers and grandmothers. The prints, the colors, the mix of traditional craftsmanship with a naïve/contemporary approach cement our Tania George aesthetic.

UTRUJ – A design house based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with a real understanding of women’s outer-wear as a contemporary aesthetic of modest fashion. UTRUJ allows women to indulge in beauty, experience confidence, and feel as ease. UTRUJ empowers women with WEAR that is functional, eloquent and

For more information please visit: http://www.fashionforward.ae/