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AAVVA goes international showcasing in the Rome Fashion Week

Dubai based brand AAVVA represents the UAE in Altaroma, Italy

AAVVA, the Lebanese Brazilian brand founded in Dubai, represented the UAE in the recent Rome Fashion week Altaroma that took place in Italy from 6th to 9th July 2017. Altaroma is an international meeting point for sartorial tradition, research and cutting-edge techniques where art, fashion and culture merge to bring something of true value to everyone involved. AAVVA has proudly launched the latest range, Collection Privée, in a country that speaks volumes on art through its reputation in the fashion world.

Representing innovative yet chic fashion in the ‘Fashion from the World’ segment in the fashion week, AAVVA takes forward UAE’s legacy of determination, passion and sheer hard work. Since having been founded in 2011 by Ahmad Ammar and Vincenzo Visciglia, the brand is known to offer free-spirited luxury fashion to a growing base of modern-minded consumers in UAE and worldwide. Narrating a fashion fantasy that is built on architectural foundations and sophisticated taste for unique design, AAVVA designs and cuts are heavily inspired by the infrastructure of the beautiful city of Dubai.

The Collection Privée comprising of twelve elegant pieces is made using tulles, bridal satins and their signature neoprene. For the first time, AAVVA is bringing forward fabrics with self-print to give the collection a richer tone while keeping it subtle. Such finesse incorporating textures and fabrics with detailing done in gold embroidery that perfectly complements the female form establishing a regal, empowering theme. An almost enchanted positioning of crystals and Swarovski enhances the calming tones of off-whites, nudes, and black and white palette of this collection.

With every range, AAVVA creates an illustrative story of their inspiration through the designing style, cuts and colors. The designers expressed their delight in taking this all the way to Italy. “We are so excited to be able to share our new pieces in Altaroma. We are known for our cultural mix when it comes to taste, art and perception, we do design to innovate each time with different artistic environments that reflect our love for fabrics, architecture and different cultures of course. The Fashion week in Rome is going to be a great opportunity to get inspired more.”