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Re-fresh the senses for a new season with Royal China’s Afternoon Tea

Award-winning DIFC venue unveils the secrets behind its traditional Chinese Tea selection

Royal China, Dubai’s award-winning Chinese restaurant located in the heart of the DIFC, is delighted to reflect the energized mood of the new business season with its authentic and refreshing Afternoon Tea. Known for its extensive tea menu, the highly skilled team invites discerning Dubai patrons to indulge their palates with a range of health inspired tea infusions, prepared with traditional techniques as a charming talking point for a business meeting or social gathering.

Allowing time for an Afternoon Tea is the best way to let the day slip into the evening whilst exploring the well-guarded secrets behind acclaimed Chinese tea culture. Royal China’s infusions are a welcome alternative to spend time indoors during the humid autumn; guests can browse to their hearts content from a grand selection of aromatic and refreshing brews; all carefully selected for their stimulating, cooling and detoxifying properties.
Each infusion is delicately prepared by Royal China’s experts and made with a homemade jasmine flower tea; a traditional Chinese delicacy sourced from the country’s south and carefully dried to retain its flavor. Along with the refreshing tea, a selection of delicious pastries will be served to complete the culinary journey to the Far East.

The traditional tea menu comprises an array of different flavours:

Bai Mu Dan – Literally means “white peony” and is a white tea that comes from the Fujian province of China. The full flavoured tea leaves consist of young leaves and leaf shoots.

Long Jin – A sweet and light green tea from the Zheijang province that is made of pan-roasted leaves which are edible after infusion.

Dahong Pao Chan – Produced in the Wuyi Mountains, this red coloured tea infusion has a strong mineral body with a sweet finish.

Tin Guan Yin – An infusion between green and black tea, the oolong tea has a fruity, light and refreshing taste, which is ideal for warm days.

The Afternoon Tea is available from Sundays to Thursdays 3:30 pm to 6pm priced at AED 68 per person including Chinese tea and pastry.