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Hands in Hope Center and Sesame Restaurant launch

Hands in Hope Energy Healing Center and Sesame Restaurant in Dubai have joined hands in a unique partnership to bring more awareness and education towards holistic health under the hashtag #nourishnheal.

Renowned healing practitioner Barbara Jackle, after practicing for over 20 years in Germany, opened Hands in Hope Energy Healing Center in 2013 in Jumeirah, Dubai. The Center offers energy healing that balances and activates the energy in our body to feel better. These positive energies are intimately connected to all aspects of our wellbeing – a truth that is the foundation of the Center. As a healer, Barbara believes that nourishment through food is also one element to improve our lifestyle and wellbeing.

Hands in Hope teamed up with Sesame Restaurant which recently opened in Sunset Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road. The dining concept celebrates a plant forward menu offering flavors from different corners of the world. Co-founders Neha Jamani, who studied to become a Natural Chef, and Irina Sharma celebrated communications practitioner and advocate of healthy longevity lifestyle set up the restaurant as a venue for sharing nourishment and wealth of knowledge through their food.

What brought about the partnership is the belief shared by Hands in Hope and Sesame Restaurant that people become happy, healthy and balanced once their bodies and minds are genuinely nourished and satisfied.

Sesame and Hands in Hope are entering this holistic nourishing partnership to show how energy healing and food can have therapeutic applications for illness prevention, recovery and optimal health.

Barbara Jackle said “I am excited to work with Sesame Restaurant to combine Energy Healing and food nourishment as a way of helping people achieve balanced, optimal health”.

Irina Sharma, meanwhile, shared her thoughts by saying “This distinctive partnership further embraces our philosophy and commitment in creating and sharing nourishment. We hope this partnership becomes a fixture in the community for years to come helping in spreading more knowledge on a holistic approach towards health “.

This deeply connecting concept is not new globally, however it is the first such partnership in Dubai and the UAE. Helping in understanding the value of a quality lifestyle, increased life energy and further experiencing how to achieve healthy longevity is what Hands in Hope and Sesame Restaurant wants to achieve through #nourishnheal.

On October 2nd, Sesame Restaurant is hosting a health conscious and uniquely nourishing event together with Barbara from Hands in Hope, who will provide an opportunity for individuals to be introduced to energy healing with special guest Dr. des. Natalia Wiechowski the Middle East’s award winning Edutainer. Further information on how you can attend the event will be shared on Sesame and Hands in Hope Social Media channels.