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Montblanc Street Style: New Men’s Accessories Inspired By City Life

Introducing the latest cufflinks and bracelets from the Urban Spirit Men’s Accessories Collection

With its bustling streets, metal structures, bright lights and monumental architecture, every city is the urban traveller’s own universe – a place to work, to discover, to play and to conquer. Created for men on the move who appreciate the aesthetics of their urban surroundings, the Montblanc Urban Spirit Men’s Accessories Collection captures all the energy and adventure of city life with its original designs. Unexpected materials and bold technical innovations come together in this assortment of polished stainless steel cufflinks and bracelets that evoke the distinctive elements that unite cities around the world by day or by night. The collection sees the arrival of six new designs, grouped under two new themes: The Metropolitan Edition and The Walk/Reflection.

When Urban Spirit first launched, it started its journey around the cities of the world with a collection dedicated to Tokyo and its singular manholes. For its second stop, the street architecture of the city of Paris has inspired The Metropolitan Edition. Round stainless steel cuff links feature an intricate floral motif that recalls the decorated manhole covers that brightens up the streets of the French capital. Against a strap of woven leather, the circular motif becomes a masculine bracelet.

Walking through the city streets is like walking into a kaleidoscope filled with colours and light. The Walk/Reflection set of cufflinks takes urban motifs and transforms them into four different pairs that give an unexpected edge to a formal look. Through the combination of precious orange resin and stainless steel, a pair of rectangular cuff links is reminiscent of road reflectors that playfully catch the light. A second pair of cuff links features a polished steel circular shape with an inlay enriched with a light blue glass stone. The Roman numerals engraved on the rim evoke an ancient tool to measure time that, when exposed to the sun in the right angle showed the current time on the rim. The theme of walking around the streets on an urban expedition is captured in a third pair of cuff links. The granulated dark inlay is inspired by the texture and appearance urban pavement slabs. A fourth pair of round cuff links with a deep blue inlay, takes inspiration from the circular pattern that a raindrop creates as it falls into a puddle in the middle of the road.

These new pieces join a collection that celebrates the smallest details that make the city such a vibrant and dynamic place where street architecture can become an endless source of style inspiration. From circular cufflinks decorated with an intricate pattern reminiscent of Tokyo manholes to an elegant pair of cufflinks overlaid with the Montblanc emblem features the undulating form of corrugated sheets in a mix of polished and brushed stainless steel. With contemporary aesthetics and cosmopolitan sophistication, every piece in the Urban Spirit Men’s Collection is a stylish companion that brings to life the many contrasts, colours and facets of city life.

The Montblanc Urban Spirit Collection is available from September 2017 at Montblanc boutiques worldwide. For further information, visit www.montblanc.com