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OMELYA T-dress: The best idea what to wear to the party

OMELYA T-dress is a contemporary fashion brand which DNA is a party-dress with expressive messages. It was founded on the idea of transforming a simple t-shirt to full-value dress. Its mission is to share positive mood and offer new glamor style, which is very comfortable and at the same time make you stand out from the crowd.

Days and nights, according to OMELYA T-dress have to be full of fun events and unforgettable moments. In the new season, the brand suggests to spend hot parties in extraordinary and chic dress with ironic slogan or decorative elements. Traditionally, t-dress has oversize silhouette and produced from soft cotton, which make it very cosy. One of the main features of t-dress is its natural ostrich feathers trimming on the hem, which can be unfasten. Thereby the dress combines in itself a simple t-shirt for every day and stylish dress for special events.

To provoke « wow » effect will be possible with the hits of this season —models with « Party or Die » slogan or with mirror like details. They are available in variety color options of fabric, print and feathers. For more sophisticated look the brand offers models with unique metallic prints. Thanks to specific technology of applying prints, they don’t washed away or loose it’s glory. Dresses are perfect for parties in clubs, pool or yachting events, festivals or concerts.

View Pressbookhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/j35wtwonoqnhy7g/T-Dress_pressbook_fin_.pdf?dl=0

Dresses are available online at the official website — www.omelya.net. The brand proposes worldwide delivery and client service support 24/7.