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Alien Ancillaries Beauty Rituals

New beauty rituals to enhance your skin with the solar and mysterious notes of Alien

Thierry Mugler is a prolific and inventive storyteller. When he created Alien in 2005, he dreamt of a fragrance that would reveal the radiance and splendor of every woman, of all women. To incarnate this unique fragrance, he imagined a singular Solar Goddess who infuses her solar power and captivating benevolence into a society in search of spirituality and new values. Like a metamorphosis, her divine beauty is revealed by the sun’s light, which she, in turn, diffuses to women, to protect them.

Alien was conceived like a sacred talisman infused with positive energy.
Preserved in an amethyst bottle, this unique radiant, mysterious and reassuring fragrance triggers a real olfactory addiction that stirs strong emotions and reveals the radiance in every woman.

Today, the Alien Beauty Rituals, a new sublimating perfuming line, enriches the symphony of Alien fragrances.
Unctuous, enhancing new textures…

To instantly beautify the skin and offer it long-lasting hydration, Mugler created the Radiance Beautifying Complex and includes it in the formulation of the Alien Beautifying Body Cream and Lotion. Generously and faithfully wrapped in Alien Eau de Parfum’s trail, the skin seems to light up and shine.
… and innovative Mugler design bottles

With their asymmetrical, faceted and pure lines, the new silhouettes of the Alien bath line adopt the brand signature, boosted by the deep purple color of amethyst.