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Dancia by LOOTAH A fragrance that awakens the senses to subtle serenity

OOTAH, creator, and curator of the finest Oriental and French perfumes for him and for her, incenses, fragrant oud and luxury perfumed blended oils and agarwood presents its fragrant oil Dancia.

Presented in a flawless glass bottle, Dancia is a eulogy to the language of sheer self-indulgence.To truly understand the wonders of Dancia, a small drop is all that is required, to spread fragrant delight throughout the day.

The oil is an opulent mix of the vivid citrus note of grapefruit that mellows down into a subtle spicy peppercorn high, leaving an addictive essence. It’s warm and earthy cedar wood scent is known to calms ones soul.

Dancia, as a fragrance, is a celebration of femininity reflecting the richest and noblest codes of an everlasting taste. It embraces the beauty within, as one immerses itself in the flowery wooded scents of nature.

Lootah Perfumes believes in delivering fragrances which are adored, cherished and revered by one and all. It expresses true love, care and deep sense of desire by its mystical notes.

Price: AED 350