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Maison Des Fleurs now heads to Al Ain

Leading luxury floral boutique blooms with a boutique in the historic city of UAE

Maison Des Fleurs, the luxurious and elegant name in the floral field, known for their philosophy of pure excellence and beauty, are now opening a brand-new boutique in the picturesque city of Al Ain and it looks like it is blooming beautifully! The Al Ain branch will be the third location covering 1700 sq.ft, with the first ever boutique, opened in 2014, located in Jumeirah, Dubai.
Because of the massive growth of this one of a kind floral house, the opening of the next Maison Des Fleurs in this city marks another event of success! The brand known for their signature boxes creates whimsical romanticism inspired floral arrangements inspired by classic French design.
As the brand changes to the new identity of the boutique, Al Ain boutique will be the first newly designed boutique with its traditional and modern French décor, Blacks and gold will be seen ruling the interiors. Maison Des Fleurs, yet again, inches closer to their core belief of providing the highest standards and most luxurious experience to its clients.

Priya Jelly from Maison Des Fleurs expressed her excitement on expanding quickly in the region. “Through continuous demand from our clients from different regions UAE, we try to open boutiques where they can easily get access to their favorite floral arrangements without having to driving all the way to Dubai from Al Ain or Abu Dhabi. Maison Des Fleurs motto is to bring the homegrown brand from Dubai and take it global while introducing new products for our customers.”
With their intransigence when it comes to quality, the brand maintains their splendor through each unique creation; that reflects each of their customers, expressing the most profound emotion through unique, customized creations.
The romantic yet daring approach to pairing blooms, as well as their large scale floral installments, has quickly bought the brand a very loyal customer base. And while luxury flower deliveries, signature boxes, weddings, private and corporate events seem to be their specialty, Maison Des Fleurs has also gained quite a reputation in editorial arrangements, custom-made boxes, and office and residence installations.
Finally, now in Al Ain, a city that covers the magnificent beauty of nature, Maison Des Fleurs aims to consistently provide their best floral creations to their loyal customer base regardless of their residence in any city of the country!

Maison Des Fleurs Al Ain is located at G136, Ali Bin Abi Taleb Street, Town Centre.