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ROMESK, New Incense launch by LOOTAH

Commemorating its position as a leading perfumery house in the UAE, LOOTAH adds another extraordinary fragrance to its exquisite collection, with the launch of its new Incense, ROMESK.

In ROMESK, a welcoming scent of pomegranate sweetens the air with a bitter-sweet fruity mist, which flows down to the deep, herby essence of henna. The base note of bold, yet warm Musk holds and builds the entire fragrance.

It’s a fragrance that refreshes with a fruity blush, recalling the brightness of sunlight, dispelling the summer heat and welcoming winter with a gush of sweet-tangy swirl, celebrating the beautiful journey called ‘Life’. Fill each second with the inspiring and all-encompassing scent of affection and positivity, as one heads toward new beginnings with a fresh and gallant spirit.

LOOTAH is renowned for creating spectacular fragrances that speak of Middle Eastern heritage in the present day and time. A perfect blend of the old and the new, which merge to create unbelievable fragrances that, define.

Price: 350 AED