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Introducing Kuwaiti cosmetics brand, K7L High quality beauty products Inspired by Arabia

Women across the Middle East region constitute a growing group of consumers with promising purchase power as more women with disposable income spend money on beauty products. Yet, only a few cosmetic brands present in the region formulate their products with the women of Arabia in mind. Which is why beauty industry Veteran, Areej Sultan Al Essa created K7L to change the status quo.

K7L is the culmination of a decade of meticulous market research and observation into a demographic that has had an intimate relationship with beauty throughout history, a relationship which is constantly evolving. The brand merges its rich Arabic origins with a commitment to create a comprehensive range of makeup and beauty products that suits every woman on every occasion. With an exciting range of make-up, make up accessories and nail polish, K7L provides high quality products to the budding make-up artists and aficionados.

The brand’s focus is on formulating a collection of iconic products that would stand up to the highest standards of professional makeup artists. Their lipsticks last for 24 hours; their anti-aging foundation has ground-breaking ingredients to combat the effects of stress on the skin, with powerful anti-oxidants to protect the skin from free radical damage. Their nail polish range is toxin-free and 100% vegan. K7L offers end-consumers admission into the gates of A-list luxury.

To the western eye, K7L reads as two letters with the lucky number ‘7’ wedged in between. But the number ‘7’ in Arabia has widely started to be used colloquially to denote a hard, guttural ‘H,’ an inflection not pronounced in the English language. To those who speak Arabic, K7L actually reads ‘KHL’ which is the Arabic word for traditional eyeliner. It’s their way of encrypting their roots into the brand, so that no matter what international path it follows, it will always possess that link to its foundations.

K7L is currently available as an app that can be downloaded from the ios app store as well as online and ships worldwide at https://www.k7l.com/ You can also find the brand in select stores across the UAE and Kuwait.


UAE: TRYANO-BeautyNation, Abu Dhabi
Kuwait: Flagship Store Tijaria Tower, VavaVoom Avenues Mall, The Cove Avenues Mall, Beidoun Boulevard Mall, Rawda Co-op, Beidoun Alhamra Mall, Al-Fanar Mall