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Philips hosts exclusive confidence workshop for women

Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) Philips Middle East organized a workshop for over 250 women, hosted by presenter and motivational speaker Shereen Mitwalli. The workshop took place at the Dubai Opera, and aimed to support women by empowering their strengths and focusing on their well-being and building their beauty confidence.

During the exclusive workshop, Philips Middle East Beauty Ambassador Shereen Mitwalli, and NLP Practitioner & Certified Life Coach addressed women on ways to build a more positive image of themselves, self-development and self-acceptance, while empowering themselves by teaching them to be more comfortable in their own skin.

According to research published by Philips Beauty Index, on average, women question their beauty 36 times in one day. Women today feel the pressure to continually look and be at their best despite balancing busy work and life schedules. The one day motivational workshop demonstrated to the women on how to manage their lives and beauty regimes, while feeling more confident in the choices that they make.

“Beauty standards are ever-changing, and in this day and age being true to one’s self is highly encouraged. Confidence is a journey and is about going into every situation, with your head up high, believing that you can and that you are the best person for the job. It was a privilege to have these type of conversations with the women and to motivate them to set challenging but achievable goals, as well as enhance their self-improvement skills to stay on the path of personal growth, success and well-being.’’ said Shereen Mitwalli.

Vincenzo Ventricelli, Vice President of Personal Health at Philips MET said, “Philips aims to support the path to confidence by providing women with the tools to conquer their strengths and weaknesses to find their confident self. We at Philips are committed to deliver innovative products that are in line with our customer’s needs and comfort. Our products have been designed to address women’s needs and delivers real and faster results. Philips believe in the concept of empowering women and that real beauty lies within. Our long term goal is to provide women with a confidence platform to help women achieve confidence within themselves.’’

After the workshop, Philips unveiled a number of their beauty products, including the Lumea Prestige hair removal tool. The new flagship device, was launched in markets across the Middle East earlier this year and prevents hair regrowth with its advanced IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) feature, giving the continuous smooth, hair-free feeling that helps women feel more comfortable and confident. The Lumea Prestige uses innovate light-based technology used in professional beauty salons and has been proven to be safe for women to use the device from the comfort of their own home.

The beauty confidence workshop organized by Philips was open to women from all backgrounds and provided a platform to support women on their path to confidence. Those in attendance had the opportunity to network with likeminded women, were given tips on how to feel more confident and how to aspire to bring out the confidence in others.