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Narciso rodriguez parfums launches a new Oriental Edition: Santal Musc

The Oriental musc editions: both timeless and timely…mysterious and magical. Classical Oriental fragrances reinterpreted with the singular aesthetic of Narciso Rodriguez.Pure luxury: an addictive modern classic created through a masterful synchrony of East and West.The result: a rich blend both precious and potent that disarms the senses. A rarefied experience to be savored by all genders.

Narciso Rodriguez takes fragrance to unprecedented heights with a trio of premium fragrance editions. A transcendent blend of the designer’s signature musc with the most iconic noted of the Oriental fragrance family produces three exquisite compositions: “amber musc”, “rose musc” and “santal musc”.

Dedicated to discerning fragrance connoisseurs who share Narciso Rodriguez’s enduring passion for scent; his preference for the most luxurious ingredients and his quest for pure perfection and fine craftsmanship.The supreme example of an eau de parfum intense, the oriental musc editions are contained in Narciso Rodriguez’s original iconic bottle painted radiant gold, signed by the designer, and presented in a gold effect jewel-case box.