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Be Trendy. Be Stylish. Be Fashionable. Be Unique. Be You. Be Éclat

Éclat Nails, the premium brand for cutting-edge, stylish finger nails, is setting new standards for press-on nails by combining quality and style with its unique ease of use to complete any woman’s look. Whether it’s for a professional manicure for work or a vibrant manicure for a night out, the brand’s edgy and classic designs ensure clean and fresh-looking finger nails and offer professional finish and comfort.

The Éclat Nails press-on technique offers easy and quick application and removal, which gives every woman control over style, colour and design. Importantly, Éclat Nails press-on nails don’t require liquid glue, which means there is no drying time involved and they are easily removed without damaging the natural nails. Once applied, the nails can be worn for up to a week.

“With our press-on nails you get amazing nails within minutes at an affordable price. I think for a lot of women it’s the perfect solution,” said Dima Klaus, who founded and launched Éclat Nails in 2017 after years of experience in the fashion industry.

The Éclat Nails portfolio presently includes six styles comprising single and multi-colour designs. Each premium product box contains 24 nails in various sizes along with adhesive tabs to match different nail sizes, one nail file and polish buffer, as well as cuticle pusher.

Éclat Nails is available to purchase online at www.eclatnails.com and on Souq.com under https://uae.souq.com/ae-en/eclatnails/p/.

Éclat Deep Red
Éclat Black and Emerald Green
Éclat Black and Hot Pink
Éclat Natural
Éclat All Black-Gold
Éclat Metallic-Matt Blue