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Jumpstart your skin’s natural repair and regeneration process with STARSKIN’s Pro Micro-Filler™ Mask Pack , a face mask that delivers transformational results from the inside out by combining effects of professional micro-needling with cutting-edge EGF and stem cell cosmetics.

No Ordinary Micro-Needling

This two-step Micro-Filler™ Mask Pack is created with the concept of professional micro-needling treatment. It starts with a proprietary Hyaluronic Micro-Pyramid Filler™, a nutrient-rich cream concentrate packed with hundreds of sharp and tiny micro-pyramids made of pure Hyaluronic Acid – a skin plumping and anti-aging superstar.

Unlocking the Fountain of Youth: Plant-Derived EGF & Stem Cells
Within each Hyaluronic Acid micro-pyramid is a reservoir of precious cell-renewing Plant-EGF, Plant Stem Cells and Floret DNA – all waiting to be infused into the skin.

STEP 1: When the cream concentrate is massaged over the face, the sharp micro-pyramids roll over the skin, painlessly creating controlled and numerous tiny punctures on the skin. This triggers the body’s natural wound healing and cell regeneration process. At the same time, the tiny punctures act like micro-tunnels on the epidermal layer, allowing topical skincare actives to be quicker and more effectively absorbed into the skin.
STEP 2: This is followed by a nutrient-rich Micro-Pyramid Melting Mask™ made from premium Bio-Cellulose. Upon contact with the skin, the serum-laden mask melts the Hyaluronic Acid micro-pyramids, releasing a stream of potent cellular-renewing cocktail directly into the micro-tunnels to turbo-charge the skin’s natural cell turnover and regeneration, produce collagen and elastin, and restore a smooth and youthful density.

How to use:
Cleanse face and pat dry. Remove syringe cap and apply entire contents on face.
Massage for 1-2 mins using circular motions, followed by light tapping.
Tear open Bio-Cellulose mask sachet and remove both protective layers.
Apply mask on skin for 20 min. Remove and discard.
Gently massage in remaining serum and leave on overnight for best results.

Recommended use:
2 – 3 times a month – Regular use will boost skin’s natural renewal processes, erase signs of aging and improve overall skin tone and texture.
Suitable for dry, normal and combination skin. A mild temporary redness may occur due to the active ingredients. Do not use on acne, damaged skin or open wounds.

All STARSKIN® formulations are free from parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, sulphates and synthetic dyes. We are PETA-certified and all our products are not tested on animals.
STARSKIN® Pro Micro-Filler™ Mask Pack will be available for purchase at Sephora Middle East stores and Sephora.ae in February 2018.