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Ditch the spoon and jar for this scrummy Nutella dessert!

Celebrate World Nutella Day with Chicks ‘n’ Friends this February, with their decadent Nutella French Toast. Taste the heavenly pairing between sweet Lotus sauce and the adored Nutella spread infused into a warm French toast and topped with salted pretzels, yum!

Chicks ‘n’ Friends is the latest chicken-tastic adventure in town, offering Southern Flair with a Middle-Eastern twist. Expect golden fries and all things nice with boasting buckets loaded with ‘Fantastchick’ fried chicken to enjoy at the venues casual and sociable dining atmosphere. Indulge in the delicious offerings of Chicks ‘n’ friends in the cool and casual ambiance of the restaurant or have the mouthwatering goodness delivered to enjoy whenever, wherever.

Priced at AED 16