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London Fashion Week – Marta Jakubowski AW19

Marta Jakubowski quotes Hélène Cixous, a French feminist writer and poet, and more specifically her article the Laugh of the Medusa, to powerfully embody her silhouette for autumn winter. « She is the erotegeneity of the heterogeneous: airborne swimmer, in flight, she does not cling to herself; she is dispersible, prodigious, stunning, desirous and capable of others, of the other woman that she will be, of the other woman she isn’t, of him, of you. »

The silhouettes are powerful indeed, deconstructed yet strong, fluid and solid at the same time. Minimalist yet stunning.

The designer plays with layering, asymmetry, with perfect tailoring. Mother Earth is present through the colour palette, which combines different tones of brown, crimson and cornflower.

Models walked the runway with an anthurium flower in their mouth. « She spits Anthuriums. She will not be silenced. »